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Teachers inform students when the Turnitin assignment is used. The student cannot use Turnitin if a teacher does not provide a Turnitin assignment. The submitted work (file upload) should be a text file (doc, docx, txt, rtf or pdf). OpenOffice formats are not suitable, also non-standard PDF:s. Documents that include only picture and no text are rejected. In order to speed up the process, the teachers may advise to remove pictures and tables from your work.
Log in to Reppu and go to the course page. The link to Turnitin assignment looks like this

Click it and the assignment view opens. It shows a start date and due date (last day of submission) on the My Submissions tab. The teacher can also allow resubmitting for students until the due date. You have to accept Turnitin terms of use before you can submit your paper.
Submission starts on Start Date. After Due Date submission may not be allowed, unless the teacher allowes it concerning the first submission. After Post Date the comments and grades are visible.
Submission can be set in parts. Each part has a separate tab and separate report will be produced
Submit your work
When clicking Submit Paper, the submission box opens:
Enter the submission title.
Drag and drop the file.
You have to confirm that the submission is your own work and approve possible saving of the submission to the Turnitin database.
Click 'Add submission'

If you are given a choice of which submission type to use to submit to the assignment, you will need to select File Upload or text upload (in text upload you must copy-paste your text from f.ex. Word)
After submission the program will upload the paper in Turnitin and your digital receipt is shown on screen. Uploading will take some time.
After uploading My Submission page will open.

2.1 Submission inbox (My Submission)

After submitting the paper, you can check the original report if the teacher has allowed it. Click on the Turnitin assignment if it is not already shown. My Submission view looks like this:

It shows submission status (pending=not ready). You can refresh the page (synchronizing data) if the similarity percent is not shown after some time.
When the report is ready, the similarity percentage is shown:
By clicking the percentage or the name of the paper you will get Feedback Studio opened.
If you are re-submitting your work, there is a 24-hour delay in the report forming.

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