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The similarity percentage is shown on the upper right. Click the Similarity tab to see match overview.
In the originality report the unoriginal text is highlighted and color-coded. Correspondent sources are coded with color and number
Click on SImilarity index first to open the match list
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3.1 Similarity report functionalities

3.1.1 Comparing the match text

Open full text if available

Click on the number, it will open a popup window containing the match text

3.1.2 Filtering

It is often necessary to filter the result (if not preset by the teacher). The student can control the information by filtering out bibliography (references) and quotes. Reference list is usually found as a match and it will increase the similarity percentage.
Click on the filter icon to start, choose filters and Apply changes.
FIlter out the references

3.2 Feedback (Teacher's comments)

Teacher or instructor can give comments via Feedback Studio.
Click Feedback tab to open/see them

If you see a blue bubble in the text, there is a comment. Click it to see the comment. Comments can be seen also alongside the text. Grammatical comments can be seen in blue boxes.
Here is an example of commented text:

The teacher can give written feedback:

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