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Preparing for the meeting

1. Test your computer before the meeting at:
2. This diagnostic test will ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured

Tip: Number 4. Connect Add-in is necessary when sharing your desktop etc.

3. If the test doesn't pass successfully, please read the instructions on the test page and try again. If necessary, contact your organisation's IT-helpdesk.

To join a meeting, you need:

  • USB-Headset with microphone
  • Web-browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome) with Flash Player 
    • (Please note: Mozilla Firefox NOT recommended)
  • Internet Connection, Bandwidth at least 1M DSL/cable (wired connection recommended) 
  • Web-camera (optional)
  • It is recommended that you test your headset (and optional webcam) prior to the meeting with skype or other application if possible

System requirements

Checking and changing Windows sound settings (instructional video)

Participating in an online meeting using Funet Tiimi (Adobe Connect) (instructional video)

Adobe Help






Joining a meeting

1. Connect your headset (and optional webcam) to the computer and check you microphone settings, see instructional video (Windows 7)
2. When the meeting is scheduled to begin, click the link or copy the web-address to your browser (You may have received an invitation via e-mail etc. or the teacher has posted the link in your e-learning environment)
3. You will come to meeting Log in page. 

    1. LAMK/ Lahti UAS students: You can use you LAMK/Lahti UAS ID and password, use 'Enter with your login and password', then select 'Lahti University of Applied Sciences' 
    2. If you do not have an ID and password of an organisation in the Haka-federation, click Enteras a Guest, write your name and click Enter Room.

4. The meeting will open in a new browser window. If it is not allowed in the meeting settings, or the host is not in the meeting room yet, you will have to wait for entrance.
5. Once the host has approved your entry, you will gain access to the meeting room.


When joining an Adobe Connect meeting for the first time, please test your Audio setup by selecting Meeting > Audio Setup Wizard (in the upper left-hand corner of the Application Bar). See instructional video

The microphone is visible only if the host has given you audio rights.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with the audio/connection, please try the following: When your audio is connected and you want to mute your microphone, select "Mute My Mic" from the menu (opened by clicking the arrow beside the mic-icon).

Tip: Always connect your microphone/headset etc. to the computer before logging in Adobe Connect.










Share your webcam

The host can give you rights to share your webcam. You will see Start My Webcam in the Video-pod. At first you will see preview. when you are ready to share the webcam to other meeting participants, click Start Sharing

Set status

You can give feedback during the meeting by using the 'Set status'. To change your status, click the arrow on the Status Options dropdown list on the Application Bar and select your desired status option.

When you set your status, an icon appears next to your name in the Attendees pod. Your status will remain until you select Clear Status.


You can communicate with others using the Chat. Write your message in the text box and click enter.

If the meeting host has enabled private chat, you can send messages to a specific attendee or group within the meeting. To do this, use the Attendees pod to hover over the name of the attendee you’d like to chat with, and select Start Private Chat.


Tip: If the host is using a Q&A pod instead of a Chat pod, then all messages are moderated and private chat is not available.



   Copyright:  Marko Uppa, Kainuun ammattiopisto

This text is licensed under Creative Commons: Creative Commons Nimeä-Tarttuva 1.0 Suomi -lisenssi.

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