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Learning outcomes


Students will be able to


  • explain the basics of entrepreneurship and the Finnish business sector
  • evaluate business opportunities
  • analyse a business idea and its potential for success
  • write a business plan


Internal and external entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in Finland. The operational environment analysis. The business idea and its purpose. The components of a business plan, and finance and profitability calculations. A business idea video and a business idea competition.

Delivery and assessment

In-class and distance learning: learning assignments, a business plan and a practice seminar. Assessment: The business plan and business idea video on a scale of 0-5, a practice seminar/exam.

Alternative modes of delivery


1. Online option, introductory session. Same assignments as in the in-class option, an exam. Assessment: the business plan and exam on a scale of 0-5.

2. The JA-YE Start Up programme. Implementation: according to the YE Year schedule. Assessment: Pass/Fail.

3. Participation in a student cooperative company. Assessment: Pass/Fail.


Learning materials

Materials posted on Reppu and other materials as agreed.

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