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Learning objectives

The students will be able to

  • give a fluent and convincing presentation about an IT company
  • quickly find the key topics in a professional text by skimming
  • understand professional texts in detail using aids when necessary
  • find professional information from English sources
  • discuss professional topics fluently
  • tell about themselves, their education and work experience in a job interview in detail and by using an appropriate style
  • write a report in formal style
  • plan and evaluate their own learning


Business vocabulary and an oral presentation of an IT company. Reading and discussing professional texts, and working on professional texts chosen by the students themselves. Different reading techniques, the use of dictionaries and other study aids, amd the language of Bachelor's theses and formal reports. Job interviews and the language used in them.


01PENG English language and communication 3 ECTS credits


Attendance (80%) and active participation, portfolio and a possible exam.

Assessment 1-5

Study materials

Set of handouts, the Internet.

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