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 Learning outcomes

Students will be able to

  • plan and implement a secure local area network for a small office
  • describe the basic structure and operation of the Internet
  • describe the principles of IP addressing and subnetting
  • apply the basics of Boolean algebra in subnetting and use 1's and 2's complement
  • use the most common local area network technologies in planning and implementation
  • implement a secure home network (SOHO) and connect it to an operator's network
  • explain the principles of encryption
  • do network troubleshooting
  • operate according to the principles of packet and content filtering


Planning and implementing a secure local area network for a small office and connecting the network securely to the Internet, the administrative structure of external networks, the basic components of networks (switches, routers and firewall)


No prerequisites

Delivery and assessment

In-class or online learning, individual and group assignments and an exam.

Assessment 1-5

Learning materials

Materials specified/provided by the lecturer

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