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 Learning outcomes

Students will be able to

  • use Lahti UAS web-based services
  • describe the basic operation of the Internet and the most common protocols
  • design and implement a website using the HTML markup language and CSS style specifications
  • take into account the principles of accessibility and usability in website execution
  • create a website from a layout design
  • use basic programming structures when creating a website
  • use basic scripts on websites


Lahti UAS learning systems (Reppu, Ressu, WinhaWille), TCP/IP, DNS, FTP, SSH, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, HTML language, CSS specifications, website layout based on an image file, Javascript basics, basic structures of programming


No prerequisites

Delivery and assessment

In-class or online learning, in-class exercises, an assignment and a course exam.

Assessment 1-5

Learning materials

Materials specified by the lecturer

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