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NB! Only for foreign students!


Learning Objectives

The student

  • knows the very basic vocabulary and phrases for common everyday situations
  • can speak a little about him/herself and understands basic phrases
  • is able to read and write short and simple sentences.


Personal data, family and living, languages, countries, nationalities, greetings, thanking, asking, basic situations in everyday life, cardinal numbers, money and units of measure, time and calendar, seasons and weather. Basic types of nouns, verb types, present tense of the verbs (positive, negative, question), basics of consonant gradation (strong-weak grade), vowel harmony, basic pronouns, cardinal numbers, imperative and conditional in basic phrases.

Assessment and evaluation

Attendance and activity of the course, portfolio and the passing of the final exam. Evaluation: 1-5.


White, L. 2007. From Start to Finnish: A Short Course in Finnish.Helsinki: Finn Lectura.

Materials provided by the lecturer


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