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04EBCBP03 Company's Business and Personnel 3 ECTS

Learning outcomes

  • explain the different areas of a company's business and list IT systems used in these areas
  • understand the role of the mission, vision and values of a company in its operations
  • describe a company's business processes
  • examine a company from the perspectives of the personnel and human resource management
  • discuss about the rules and practices of working life


Organisational models, HR management, the basics of labour legislation, an environmentally sound operating culture, the business process, the process description method.


No prerequisites

Delivery and assessment

1. In-class learning: Active participation in contact sessions, individual and group assignments and an exam.

2. Distance learning: An Enterprise portfolio assignment.

Assessment 0-5

Learning materials

Materials specified by the lecturer.


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  1. Unknown User (lenkktan)

    Winhan kuvauksessa lukee Company´s Business and Personnel 04EBCBP03 3 ects, mutta kun sivun avaa niin tulee tämä 04YLYLH03 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND HR 3 ECTS. Kumpi siis on oikein?