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NB! Only for foreign students!

Learning Objectives


  • can communicate in common everyday situations
  • knows the most common vocabulary and phrases used in social intercourse (informal discussion, telephone conversation etc.)
  • is able to write short and simple text connected with everyday situations
  • knows the basic grammatical structures of Finnish
  • is  able to some extent to act in a Finnish Community and in the study stage, in Finnish.

The target language level is A2.1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning.


During the study module the student strengthens his / her language skills and receives additional practice on the basic Finnish structures and vocabulary. Especially the vocabulary related to degree studies and social study life is considered. The student increases his/her knowledge and understanding on the Finnish culture. Topcs example:travel and movement, expressing one’s opinion, acting and asking at store, Doctor’s office, illness & health, time and expressions of time.

Assessment and evaluation

  • attendance and activity of the course (80% presence in contact classes)
  • oral and written exercises and presentation
  • passing of the spoken exam
  • passing of the written exam.


  • Gehring, S. & Heinzmann, S. Suomen mestari 1. 2011. Finn Lectura. 
  • Gehring, S. & Heinzmann, S. Suomen mestari 2. 2011. Finn Lectura.
  • Materials provided by the lecturer.


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