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04EBUB015 Understanding Business 15 ECTS 

Module learning outcomes

  • explain the business operations of a company as a whole
  • describe the various areas of a company's business and cite examples of their tasks
  • model the main processes of a company
  • evaluate the effect of environmental issues in business
  • evaluate a company's business from a development perspective
  • work in a multicultural project team

Enterprise portfolioTM is a form of learning and assessment which combines basic studies in business and utilises integrative pedagogy. The tasks of different courses are applied in the context of a company chosen by the students themselves. The objective of Enterprise portfolio is to allow students to develop broad-based understanding of business operations and apply theoretical knowledge of basic studies in a practical business environment using the RDI approach. The outputs are compiled into an electronic information package which is presented and handed over to the company in question. For example, the information package can be used in employee orientation or to contribute ideas for business development. Enterprise portfolioTM concept has been awarded the STTK workplace knowledge development award. All courses in this module are linked to Enterprise PortfolioTM.

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