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 47AOEC005 eCommerce 5 ECTS  

Learning outcomes

The student will

  • know web business models and can identify their applications
  • be able to select an appropriate web business model 
  • be able to select an appropriate and suitable e-commerce solution
  • be able to implement a functional web shop using a web shop service solution
  • understand the key concepts of e-marketing
  • be able to apply the potential offered by e-marketing in business


Web business models, technical options for implementing e-commerce solutions, supply chain models in e-commerce, the implementation of a web shop on a service solution, the payment options on a web shop, e-marketing, affiliate programs, search engine optimization, marketing in social media

Delivery and  assessment

Online, no contact lessons. Students implement a working web shop with an e-commerce service. Other topics are studied through versatile and appropriate learning tasks.


Materials specified by the lecturer and produced during the course. 


15 ECTS credits of business studies

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