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Learning Objectives

The Student

  • understands the basic needs for internationalization (company level, individual level)

  • is able to choose strategic options and growth strategies in internationalisation

  • is able to indentify potential market areas, information sources available, decide where to enter
  • knows major religions in the world and understands how religions effect business transactions
  • finds out the major international trade organisations, international standards
  • is able to choose suitable entry mode for target market


Internationalisation theories (Diamond Model, Network Model, Uppsala Model, Born Global etc.), process of getting international, major religions in the world effecting businesses, entering new market - market information and optional entry modes, some analysis tools (PESTEL, Porter 5 Forces, SWOT etc.), growth strategies and typical problems in international business, Company Cases.

Assessment and Evaluation

Defined in the first contact meeting: assignments and cases, exam. Grading 1-5.


Given by lecturer, Reppu material

Svend Hollensen: International Marketing

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