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Learning Objectives

The Student

    • is able to know the role of logistics operations in a company
    • knows the basic terminology of logistics
    • is able to understand the importance and opportunities of logistics from the operational and financial returns perspective of the company
    • is able to use the most common tools of logistics planning and management: forecasting, inventory turn-over, ABC-analysis, optimizing the size of delivery
    • knows the stages of the purchasing process
    • understands the terms of delivery as an important part of the purchasing contract
    • is able to use Incoterms


Basic terms of logistics. Integrated logistics, logistics costs and the meaning of logistics to the profitability of a company, demand forecasting, purchasing, warehousing.

Assessment and Evaluation

Active participation to the contact lectures, class exercises, course work, exam
Evaluation: 1-5.

Learning Materials

Reppu, materials provided by the lecturer 

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