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  • is able to describe the theoretical base of future research and its history
  • is able to discuss the perspectives used in future research and the different transition processes
  • is able to use some main working methods of future research and produce a case studies base on them
  • is able to reflect and explain the development of his/her own thinking and working methods by future research
  • is able to discuss his/her the use of future reserch in  thesis


Theoretical principles of future research and possibilities to adapt working methods in current environmental challenges. Urbanization now and in the future. Human behaviour, social relations and communication in history and in future. Innovative means of using future research in environmental planning. The role of built environment and green environment in the future.


Lectures giving the background information, workshop day to practice future research methodologies.


Bell, W. 2000 [1997]. Foundations of Futures Studies. Volume I: History, Purpose and Knowledge. New Jersey: Transaction Publishers.

Bell, W. 2000 [1997]. Foundations of Futures Studies. Volume II: Values, Objectivity and the Good Society. New Jersey: Transaction Publishers.

Dumitrescu, D. 2011. Road Trip to Innovation. How I came to understand Future Thinking.


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