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Co-designing Better Urban Living and Wellbeing 5 ECTS

LAMK Summer School 2016 


30 May - 10 June 2016
12-day continuous study program includes the weekend
pre-assignment in virtual environment 

Study Fields

Multidisciplinary, all study fields


Bachelor and Master’s Degree Students
Students from LAMK, FUAS and partner universities abroad  
40 participants


Nature empowerment 
Urban living Environment - resource for health and wellbeing 
Ecosystem services
Service design
Interdisciplinary team work
Developmental project work 

Learning Outcomes


  • to use professional concepts consistently and to be capable to discuss and communicate professional issues in interdisciplinary and international group
  • to take account the nature and urban environment as a resource of health and wellbeing


  • to analyze the initial situation and the needs of a client or a business partner
  • to present alternative solutions and adapt the professional skills to the service design of the work life partner
  • to choose suitable methods and explain the reasons for these solutions

Team work

  • to act with situational awareness
  • to plan and arrange the activities with the ethical principles of one’s own professional field
  • to organize interdisciplinary and international team work according to team’s professional goals


Lessons, workshops, field visits
Interdisciplinary and international team work
Project work supervised by teachers and by work life partners
Participation in journal writing
Weekend together in the Finnish nature


Registration deadline

Registration deadline 27 April 2016 


100% attendance requirement
Active participation in lectures, workshops and project assignment.
Evaluation: 1-5. 


Responsible teacher: Katri Kämäräinen, 
Interdisciplinary team of teachers from LAMK and international partner universities 

More Info  

Link to the Midnight Sun Summer School Webpage

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