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Learning Objectives


  • is able to describe  the ethical framework in business context
  • is able to explain the purpose and the meaning of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development for business as well as for public and non-profit organizations
  • is able to discuss the business value of CSR
  • is able to explain the role of economic, social and environmental responsibility as an integrated part of the corporate strategy and business actions
  • is able to recognize stakeholder demands and expectations related to economic, social and environmental issues
  • is able to critically analyse and evaluate information in relation to CSR and sustainable development
  • Is able to implement ethical, social and environmental aspects to the strategic decision making
  • is able to resolve  complex social and environmental business matters


Basics of business ethics as a corner stone for CSR, business value of CSR and sustainable development, the role of economic, social and environmental matters in the corporate strategy and its implementations, examples of good practices


Basic Studies

Assessment and Evaluation

Active participation and contribution to contact lectures and distant work, assignments and discussion. Scale 1-5


Provided by the lecturer(s)

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