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Learning outcomes
The student is able to:

  • review working life activities, projects, services and products in accordance with the principles of research and development knowledge
  • brainstorm, prepare, implement, evaluate and publish a thesis and report on it in accordance with the principles of their professional knowledge base, information search and explorative writing skills
  • demonstrate their expertise in working life research and development activities in health care
  • understand the new information, activity, service or product acquired as a result of the thesis and their immediately benefit and importance for working life or the project

Brainstorming and preparation phase 3 credits
Implementation phase 7 credits
Evaluation and publication phase 5 credits
- brainstorming, preparation, implementation, evaluation, publication and utilization of the results of the thesis in working life/project
- application of research and development skills
- application of information skills
- application of written and oral reporting skills

Mode of completion

independent or pair work
steering group work
seminar work and presentations (planning and publishing seminars)
reporting on the thesis
maturity test; assessment: pass / fail
other publishing activities agreed upon separately


Learning material
Thesis Guidelines of Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Material related to the topic of the thesis, data base, previous studies and research and development methods

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