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is able to describe and overcome challenges that successful working in international environment requires.
is able to identify the ways in which culture impacts their behavior and communication and what  personal knowledge, skills and attitude is required in international business,
is able to discuss how cultural differences work in international meetings, negotiations and social situations,
and will get familiar with a model of global competency in international leadership.
is able to explain a model of global competency in international leadership.
is able to discuss the importance of one’s cultural background in communication and appreciate culture as an important driver of behavior. is able to apply the most popular theoretical frameworks and discuss challenges and possibilities of a multi-cultural business environment.
is able to assess the need to develop his/her tolerance in a cross-cultural setting and his/her ability to act effectively in multi-cultural teams, global organizations and cross-cultural environments.


Concept of culture, cultural models and dimensions, perceptions of us and others, communication styles, intercultural communication dimensions, development of intercultural competence, trust in international teams, cultural do’s and don’ts.


Pre-assignment(s), lectures, virtual learning, and learning assignment(s). Evaluation 1-5.


Indicated by the lecturers.


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