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The course increases understanding of the theoretical base of futures and its history, the perspectives used in futures studies and consideration of different transition processes. After successful completion of the course students can recognize and explain prevailing megatrends on a global level including the interaction and work community changes between the global business environment and Finnish society. Students can apply various foresight and future study methods as well as compare and interpret the effects of change both on society and on individual levels. Having successfully completed the course students can, by using foresight methods, apply and make potential society structure forecasts for Europe and Finland, and can make a change forecast and change strategy for their organization.


Changes in the society, megatrends, weak signals, foresight methods.

Assessment and evaluation

Pre-assignment(s), lectures, virtual learning, and learning assignment(s). Evaluation 0-5.
This course will be produced and taught together with Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship and Business Competence, Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering of Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Degree Programme in Business Management and Entrepreneurship of HAMK University of Applied Sciences. A part of the contact days are organized at HAMK in Hämeenlinna.


Indicated by the lecturers.


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