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NB! Only for foreign students!


Learning Objectives

The student

  • can communicate in most common everyday situations
  • is able to understand slowly and clearly spoken Finnish provided the topic and the vocabulary are connected with his/her own life and experience
  • understands the key idea of a simple message or text and is able to write one by him/herself
  • knows the most common vocabulary and some grammatical structures of Finnish.


Spending free time, the most common occupations and workplaces, food and drinks, traffic and travelling, communication in everyday situations, health, sickness, dressing-up, basic adjectives and adverbs, 50 basic verbs, partitive, genitive, nominative plural and local cases in different word types, possessive sentences, essive in time expressions, present tense of passive and object in practice.

Assessment and evaluation

Attendance and activity of the course, portfolio and the passing of the final exam.

Evaluation: 1-5.


White, L. 2007. From Start to Finnish: A Short Course in Finnish. Helsinki: Finn Lectura.

Materials provided by the lecturer

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