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Learning objectives

The student

  • knows how the Finnish legal order operates and what it consist of
  • understands how the law of business operations works in regards to drafting, interpreting and supplementing contracts
  • knows the breaches of contract and available remedies
  • is capable of acting on contractual issues and how to solve interpretational and other cases
  • knows how to be an active company representative who acts correctly in practical contract law situations.


The basics of the Finnish legal order, basics of legal proceedings and the Finnish contract law.

Assessment and evaluation 

1. Contact lesson: Lectures, group tasks, cases, exam.
Evaluation: 1-5. Course grading will be based on the exam. Receiving 50% of the exam points will be the minimum for passing the course. Excellent questions/case session activity will affect exam grading positively. Excellent activity means doing all the questions/cases in advance and being active when the questions/cases are being processed together with the entire class.


Lectures and assignments form the main study Materials. As supporting Materials: Surakka, Aapo: Access to Finnish Law, latest edition, pages 1-72.

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