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NB! Language of instruction English and Finnish (advanced level of Finnish).

Learning objectives

The student

  • learns how to operate in the finance/accounting/financial management world in the English language
  • masters the special language and terminology of accounting/finance/financial management

  • knows the basic concepts related to the finance/accounting/financial management world, in English

  • learns to read various kinds of advanced level topical texts related to the finance/accounting/financial management world

  • is able to discuss/debate/present topical news and topics related to the finance world

  • understands and can use the terminology related to financial management


The course focuses on the following main areas: national economies and world trade, banking, corporate reporting (accounting and financial statements), company performance and corporate finance and investment (equity and debt financing), other financial instruments, e.g. futures and derivatives. Advanced-level topical texts and presentations related to the finance world.


01ENG Englannin kieli ja viestintä 3 ECTS, 04ENG503 Presentation Skills 3 ECTS/04ENG201 Business Presentation Skills 5 ECTS; for second- or third-year students

Assessment and evaluation

Compulsory class attendance, course work/assignments and final presentation and/or project and/or examination.

Evaluation: pass/fail or 1-5.


Reppu, materials provided by the lecturer.

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