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Learning objectives

 The student

  • learns how to be persuasive in demanding situations of business interaction both orally and in writing
  • knows how to compile persuasive documents (complaints, adjustments, reminders, collection letters)
  • masters persuasive communication in advertisements and sales letters
  • masters the persuasive presentation techniques
  • understands cultural differences in persuasive communication


Persuasive communication in the business world. Spoken and written persuasive communication: complaints, adjustments, reminders and collection letters, reporting (memos and summaries), advertisements and sales letters. Persuasive presentation techniques and presentations.


01ENG Englannin kieli ja viestintä (Business English Basics) 3 ECTS, 04ENG02 Business Contacts 3 ECTS/04ENG202 Business Communication 5 ECTS, 04ENG503 Presentation Skills 3 ECTS/04ENG201 Business Presentation Skills 5 ECTS; for second- or third-year students,

Assessment and evaluation

Compulsory class attendance, course work/assignments, group project and/or final presentation and/or written examination.

Evaluation: 1-5.


Reppu, materials provided by the lecturer.


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