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NB! Web course; language of instruction English and Finnish (advanced level of Finnish).

 Learning objectives

The student

  • understands and knows how to write different types of information-oriented texts for business and for academic work
  • can prepare a variety of business documents using appropriate headings, layout and typography
  • recognizes the register in writing and can communicate effectively to different audiences
  • can create documents that include proper use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Structuring the information,  grammar reference, successful academic writing: aspects to be considered, flow, linking, appropriate style and word choice, data commentary, concluding and summarizing, writing a thesis abstract, reporting and briefing.


01ENG Englannin kieli ja viestintä (Business English Basics) 3 ECTS, and a minimum of 6 ECTS in English with an average grade Good (H3) for previous courses.

Assessment and evaluation

Course work, written assignments, examination in Reppu.

Evaluation: 1-5.


Reppu, materials provided by the lecturer.

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