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04MAR111 Myyntiprosessin johtaminen 5 op


Tavoitteena on perinteisen B &B myyntityön suunnittelun ja toteuttamisen hallitseminen sekä myynnin esimiehiltä vaadittavien tietojen ja taitojen syventäminen.


B to B myyntityön prosessit,  myynnin ja asiakaspalvelun tukitoiminnot,  myyntityön suunnittelu,  tavoiteasetanta,  osaamisen kehittäminen, myyntityön johtaminen.

Suoritustapa ja arviointi

Luennot, harjoitukset ja etätehtävät.


Opettajan myöhemmin ilmoittama materiaali.



Learning objectives

The aspirant sales professional learns how to plan, execute and lead solution selling-based sales efforts, both in B2C and B2B contexts. The aspirant learns how to positively influence customer decision-making and make the sale; how to screen, validate and recruit qualified sales personnel and how to lead his or hers sales team. Last but not least the aspirant sales professional learns how to survive the rapidly changing marketplace and stay both happy and successful in an environment of ever growing target demands. As a result of taking this course the student will be able to work through the entire B2B/B2C sales process both in the roles of the sales doer and the sales leader.


The following themes will be covered during theory classes (teacher) and "witness testimonials" (visiting sales professionals who will explain you on theme workshops how the sales theory is applied in The Real Word):

  • Knowledge (skills & experience)
  • Behavior (mindset, commitment etc)
  • Processes (supporting how you work)
  • Tools (allowing you to work efficiently & effectively)


Reading materials for the theory classes will be announced at the beginning of the course.


  1. Case assignment for a client sales company announced in the beginning of the course (70%)
  2. Active participation on theory lectures and  theme workshops held by visiting sales experts (30%)


0 - 5


Customer Relations and Marketing 4 ECTS or similar understanding regarding the basics of marketing gained through work experience etc.

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