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In addition to PSP, students can monitor their study progression through “Completions”.

With this function, students can filter and view the studies they have completed, partially completed or failed.

Filtering the list

Filter the list by choosing criteria.

Status of the course

  • Entire PSP
  • Completed
  • Partially completed
  • Failed

Scheduling of the course

  • Per year
  • Per term
  • Per period

Show / Hide sections

Information box

You can find information behind the icon (question).

Notes for student (e.g. reason for rejection)

The teacher can add notes regarding the completion of the course. These notes can be e.g. reason for rejection of the completion. You can find this note in Students Desktop > My studies > Completions. This note is not visible in printouts.

The exclamation mark ( ! ) -icon indicates that the completion has notes. You can see the note by hovering the mouse over the exclamation mark.