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1. Feedback from teachers and students, teaching exprience, examples, courses to show

  • main survey is just being done now, not sure of the general survey yet. brief feedback has been positive. there are few courses that are running.
  • one course in Peters univ. is running Sloodle, he can't remember where the others are. There are some in US/UK/Swizerland
  • student feedback is being collected at the moment. will be done in the next couple of months.
  • might be possible to peek at the course using Sloodle, ask Daniel Livingstone (Buddy Sprocket)

2. Advantages and added value vs complexity

  • one of the main adv. would be to link that chat tools, but they are still collecting that info from the teachers/students
  • enabling things that were not possible before
  • might have more on this

3. Tools to use which work best

  • quiz tool / quiz chair, allows students to take a quiz in SL and return the score to Moodle
    • at the moment there is just the multiple choice question type, more are coming
  • blog entries in SL (blogger), twitter also

4. Is there a place in Moodle where you can find SL database (names...) so there is no need to look at profiles all the time and vice versa accessible for teachers

  • Sloodle Menu has an option for the teachers to see this
    • avilister (in SL), for students also, it scans the "chat area" for any users that are registered in Moodle also and lists their names
  • 0.4 might have this for students also

5. do we need to organise trainings for teachers

  • the length of the training session would depend on the level of SL knowledge, there should perhaps be a Second Life course before
  • Moodle knowledge is also a factor
  • on top of that, 2-3 hours at most, for Sloodle

6. Interactivity between powerpoint slides in Moodle and SL

  • is there a way to see Powerpoint slides from Moodle in SL
    • not directly at the moment
    • working on a tool that would allow uploading several images at once ("parcel media?")
      • Sloodle Presenter(question)
      • coming out officially in "a few months"

7. Is synchronous dimension (real time presence) more important than asynchronous dimension in Sloodle

  • Sloodle works best in the synchronous model
  • Forum in Moodle is very useful for long term discussions
  • Objects in SL/Sloodle work in asynch. mode also

8. Considering already ready activities or course in Moodle, do we have to rewrite all activities in Sloodle, or is there a way to "copy/paste"

  • Sloodle controller is added to the Moodle course.
  • SL can "read" the multiple choice type questions from Moodle and show them in SL also

9. Sloodle support?

  • No official plans yet, but there is a Sloodle community at

10. Beginner tips?

  • Peter is not a teacher himself so he doesn't have a direct answer yet
  • See and think about what SL can do for you and then take a look at the Sloodle tools and how they can help you

11. Pilot group

  • University students mostly, as SL is K-18, so using Sloodle in "Teen-SL" is more difficult
  • People who can familiarize with SL easily, who are somewhat comformtable with technology
  • number of students in a group?
    • not a Sloodle restriction, but SL restricts this to 40-50 people

*) There are no download stats for Sloodle at the moment.

*) Martin D. doesn't fully embrace SL as it's not open source, but Sloodle team and Martin are on friendly terms. 

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