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Learning outcomes
The student
- is familiar with the social and health care structures, professions and their missions as a constructor of human well-being
- understands the contribution of his own and different professions to the well-being structure nationally and European-wide
- understands the possibilities of entrepreneurial working when producing well-being
- understands the concept of well-being in different contexts (physical, mental, psychological, social,  cultural)
- has the competences to study in a multi-professional and multi-cultural working group
- gains language skills and broadens his English vocabulary when discussing professional matters
- respects the work and ideas of different professions in the social and health care.
Structure of social and health care system in Finland, social and health care professions and their competences in Finland, interprofessional co-operation, changes in a society, future challenges and entrepreneurial way of working in the social and health care field.
Teaching methods and assessment
E-learning (includes one starting lecture).
Evaluation grade passed/failed.

Assessment criteria:

-        describes well-being as a multiple phenomen

-        recognizes the structure of social and heatlh care

-        describes own profession as a part of interprofessional work in social and health care

-        recognizes the positive value of interprofessional work

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