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Educational technology and web-based services in Salpaus Further Education 

Veop core team

  • One advisor with expertise in both technology and pedagogy

  • Working with eLearning mentors, 14 teachers of different education fields
  • Own use of tools and applications for tutoring and training purposes

Salpaus students staff and veop Figure

The main tasks

  • Admin of web platforms
  • Tutoring teachers to use educational technology, web platforms and other applications
  • Answering questions by email, phone, Lync/Skype for Business, social media
  • On-site supporting
  • Staff training, infos, tailored workshops
  • Developing and testing, expert and manager in projects

The main tasks of Veop Figure
Future Vision of Veop Figure
Veop strategy, action plan 2014 wiki page

The tools for teaching and learning

Make learning process visible and focus on learning process not just results, assesment of competence and learning

  • eLSa Moodle version 2.4
    • traditional LMS (Learning Management System), material and assignments, discussion forums
    • common in use, both in classroom and distance learning
    • statistic 2012


 More about Moodle in Salpaus
  • eLearning Salpaus (eLSa, Elsa)
  • on-premises Moodle since 2006
  • Moodle version 2.6.8
  • Salpaus ICT Services makes version updates, now version is
  • AD login for staff and students 
  • Statistic
    • Courses 3400

For teachers 

  • Elsa is also an eLearning portal for teachers and students info, news, links
  • Structure is divided in categories
  • new courses and copy courses by email request verkkoapu(at) to eLearning Services 3 designers, admins 
    • (few teachers also create new courses for their field)
  • FAQ Elsa Moodle (in wiki space)
  • Common courses to copy and use freely  
  • Already some open courses, sign in as a visitor: Get to know Elsa
  • Commonly used by teachers for
    • own courses: digital material and moodle activities (mostly used assignment, discussion, tent, wiki)
    • shared courses, built together with group of teachers in the same field
    • learning at work periods, discussion forums, diary (comp. Weblog, Facebook, WhatsUp - social media)
  • Other services integrated in Elsa Modle 
    • Edubox (paid, instruction videos)
    • (ePortfolio)
    • Uploading files, services available: Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Flickr, Microsoft OneDrive

In the Future - discussion

  • Office365 services
  • Sosial media services



  • ePortfolio
    • PLE (Personal Learning Environment) integrated with Moodle
    • new promising tool for personal ePortfolios and assesment of competence
  • Wiki Confluence |
    • both public and password protected spaces (intranet)
    • opetus (Teaching) common for staff and students of Salpaus and LAMK
    • good for collaborative working
    • shows history and saves all versions
  • Weblog
    • useful for teachers' public material
  • Web server Salpro
    • useful for teachers' public material (before cloud)
  • Lync
    • integrated with our email Outlook
    • new, instant messaging and online-meetings
  • Adobe Connect
    • online-meetings, enable recordings and Flipped Classroom
  • EduTV
    • self-learning video material 
  • Office 365 / SkyDrive Pro
  • Social media tools
    • PHKK instructions and advisable tools | maps for Basic user | Advanced user
    • Facebook group - discussion, keep in touch on-the-job-learning period
    • Diigo group - for collecting and sharing links
    • Blogger blogs - for students' diaries on-the-job-learning period
    • Google Documents - for collaborate working
    • Youtube - for making and publishing videos
    • Online mindmap - for visualizing and collaborate
    • etc.

Tools available for teachers shown in interactive Thinglink (descriptions in English)

Developing projects

Experiment environments


Examples of innovative projects and pilots

  • xTune piloting in Salpaus 2013, innovative service connects expertise and enables collaboration inside vocational school
  • TutKIVA developing good practices using PBL (problem based learning) and social media and mobile devices 2013-2014
  • Sandbox I &II
  • Opening - Verpaali staff training, learning social media by webinars and open social media applications, 40 participants from Finland 2012

ICT-development in Lahti Region Educational Consortium

ICT co-operation group
Members of the group
  • IT-management group, Lahti Region Educational Consortium, 5 persons
  • business units members
    • Lahti University of Applied Sciences, 2 persons (Jukka Oresto, Director of development & Rami Kivilahti, ICT-teacher)
    • Salpaus Further Education, 2 persons (Hannu Heinonen, Vice Principal & Vesa Rinne, ICT-teacher)
    • Tuoterengas, 1 person

Main task

  • What needs to develop in Information and Communication Technology in Lahti Region Educational Consortium?


Advisor in Salpaus Further Education
Hanna Toijala
Twitter @hannatoijala
ICT-teacher & member of ICT co-operation group                                               

Vesa Rinne

Twitter @weesau

Wiki link: 

Planning contents -mindmap

 VOCABULARY, links and info

More information and vocabulary


  • educational technology opetusteknologia  
  • online verkossa
  • online tutoring (opettajien) verkossa tapahtuva ohjaus 
  • online training (opettajien) verkossa tapahtuva koulutus 
  • on-site support vieriohjaus
  • on-the-job training työssä oppiminen (aik.) 
  • on-the-job learning työssä oppiminen (.)
  • staff training henkilöstökoulutus 
  • competence development osaamisen kehittäminen

  • apprenticeship training oppisopimuskoulutus
  • National Board of Education guidelines OPH:n ohjeet
  • monitoring valvonta, seuranta
  • vocational education and training (VET) ammatillinen koulutus
  • vocational adult education and training (VET for adults) ammatillinen aikuiskoulutus
  • vocational skills ammattitaito


  • vocational upper secondary qualification ammatillinen perustutkinto
  • further vocational qualification ammattitutkinto
  • further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications ammatti-/erikoisammattitutkinnot
  • vocational skills demonstration ammattiosaamisen näyttö (
  • competence-based qualification näyttötutkinto
  • vocational further education and training ammatillinen lisäkoulutus

  • self-motivated education omaehtoinen koulutus


  • vocational competence ammatillinen osaaminen

  • key competences for lifelong learning elinikäisen oppimisen avaintaidot


  • individual study programme henkilökohtainen opiskeluohjelma

  • school-based education (and training) koulumuotoinen opiskelu

  • distance learning etäopiskelu/-opetus

  • multiform learning monimuoto-opiskelu/-opetus

  • independent study itsenäinen opiskelu

  • eligibility for further studies jatko-opintokelpoisuus  

Finnish National Board of Education - Brochures


Salpaus Further Education Koulutuskeskus Salpaus in English 

PHKK Lahti Region Educational Consortium

LAMK  Lahti University of Applied Sciences

VET Vocational Educational and training

Vocational education in Finland | Further education


HETEL Program 06052013.doc

VETPRO Program October 2013

 The PROGRAM for Kaarin Vask - Wednesday 30.10.2013 9-15

VETPRO wiki page

Programme for Kaarin Vask, IT studies department manager




Welcome visitor

Kaarin Vask, Hanna Toijala, Erkki Brotkin, Vesa Rinne

9 - 9.30Class 328 (3rd floor)Short presentation of Veop

Hanna Toijala and Erkki Brotkin

9.30 - 10.30Class 328 (3rd floor)

Vocational adult education
and training (VET for adults)

Vesa Rinne
10.30 - 11TIKI (1st floor)Information and
Library Services
Riikka Sinisalo
11 - 12Restaurant (2nd floor)LunchKaarin Vask, Hanna Toijala, Erkki Brotkin, Georges Segura
12 - 12.30Class 328 (3rd floor)

AR, Adusal 

Georges Segura

12.30 - 13.30


Class 328 (3rd floor)

Presentation of
audiovisual equipment in
Fellmannia: classroom,
group study room

Different platforms, methods,
materials, resources and
support for teachers

Innovative projects of developing
learning environments
(Sandbox, TutKIVA)




Erkki Brotkin and Hanna Toijala

14 - 14.30Restaurant (2nd floor)Goffee breakKaarin Vask, Hanna Toijala, Erkki Brotkin
14.30 - 15Auditorium (1st floor)Presentation of
audiovisual equipment in
Erkki Brotkin and Hanna Toijala

  1. Get acquainted with IT-study programmes in hosting school (specialities, equipment, elective subjects , organizing work, management, responsibilities, practise system, evaluation, development-work)
  2. Get acquainted with teaching methods depending on needs and individual cases of learners, individual study plans
  3. Get aqcuainted with e-learning system in hosting school (different platforms, methods, materials, resources, support for teachers)
  4. Get acquainted with system of final exams, qualification exams in hosting school.
  5. Get aqcuainted how is organised cooperation with companies
  6. Get aquainted with system of supervision and evaluation of students during practical work in enterprises. How is organized communication between school and enterprise and feedback after practical training period in enterprise.
  7. Get acquainted with probation system of teachers
  8. Get acquainted with assesment criteria in theoretical and practical studies to promote change-over on competence based assesment.
  9. Get acquainted with support system of teachers and recognition of efforts.
  10. Get aqcuainted with the role of teacher as supporter of students’ professional development
  11. Get acquainted with information systems at school (different systems, responsibilities, resources)
  12. Marketing of IT-specialities
  13. Basis for creating development plans for IT-specialities
  14. Make conclusions of the mobility and give information to colleagues in Rakvere Vocational School

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