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Augmented reality can bring extra content to real world which can be observed through display. Content can be text, images, videos, animations 3d objects etc. Technology is mostly used in commercial purpose.

What is needed for Augmented Reality?



  • Computer and AR application installed into computer
  • Camera and Display OR head-mounted display


  • Marker > usually piece of paper with shape or image but could be also object or even human face


How it works?

Application is programmed to search the marker through camera.  When application finds the marker it knows where the surface is. Based on surface place application can bring content which is seen through the display. Best experience when used head-mounted displays.



Augmented Reality in education case: Sastamalan koulutuskuntayhtymä (SASKY)

AduSal created AR program to SASKY so students can easier see hidden activities taking place under the car hood.



  • New environment > new experience
  • Great tool to visualize hidden activities



  • Cost & content creation > Complex AR applications requires 3d modelling and programming
  • Depends on marker location
  • Inconvenient head-mounted displays. Usually head-mounted displays comes with wires that can distract user.

AduSal Oy

Other AR Applications by Salpaus Further Education

Vireaali project

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