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Second Life is an online virtual world which is developed by Linden Lab. Second Life consists of small islands which together create the online virtual world. Second Life is used and explored through avatars.

Paijat-Hame Edu Island was created June 2008 which and  Salpaus Nature 2009. Second Life islands were offered to teachers as an alternative learning environment. Mostly used projects in the field of entrepreneurship where students could try their own business ideas in the virtual environment. Second Life was also used in visualization project > Fellmannia building renovation





Salpaus Nature island was cancelled spring 2013 > maintenance fees and non-active use of island.



  • 3D environment enables different way to learn
  • Role-playing
  • Simulations & visualizations


  • Expensive
  • Computer requirements
  • Not the easiest platform to learn > Takes time
  • Content creation
  • Maintenance > updating program
  • No labels