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  • is able to explain the role of management accounting in the management process
  • is able to examine the profitability of companies
  • is able to analyze the performance of companies through the financial ratios
  • is able to set prices on products and to produce budgets
  • is able to use calculations in decision making
  • is able to find the sources of finance and explain the significance of capital markets to a company
  • is able to manage working capital
  • is able to apply the investment appraisal methods in decision making
  • is able to use the stock valuation methods
  • is able to use the methods of international payments
  • is able to hedge against financial risks
  • is able to draw up financial forecasts and cash flow calculationslearns to
  • is able to draw up financial forecasts 
  • is able to solve managerial and financial problems at strategic level
  • with the help of real life cases and professional sufficient tools