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Learning outcomes

The student will

  • be able to describe the concept of the business value chain
  • understand the concepts of the internet, intranet and extranet and will know the possible technologies used in their implementation
  • understand the concepts of CAD, ERP, MES, APS and CRM and knows the possible technologies used in their implementation
  • understand the function of interfaces between different information systems
  • be able to define interfaces between different information systems
  • understand the concepts of JIT and LEAN


Value chain. The enterprise information systems of a company such as design tools (CAD), production control, order, storage control and financial control systems (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS), customer relationship management (CRM). The roles of different level information network implementations i.e. intranet, extranet and the internet. The production practices of JIT and LEAN. The interfaces between enterprise information systems and system integration through them. The integration of a web shop and other web services with enterprise information systems. 

Delivery and  assessment

Lessons and learning tasks. 


Materials specified by the lecturer and produced during the course.


15 ECTS credits business studies