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Lahti UAS is discontinuing the use of e-portfolio service. If you have created an account before the end of year 2018, you can continue using with the account and password you created. Users can export their data and delete their account themselves if they want. is a national e-portfolio service integrated to Reppu. The student can build  his/her ePortfolio and personal learning environment and group learning environments. When you are logged in Reppu, you can access without a separate login (you create a profile when you log in via Reppu for the first time). The service will be available for the student also after graduation (unlike other systems provided by Lahti UAS).

More information and instructions: instructions in English

Instructions for logging in from Reppu

Video tutorials

Häme University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Laurea University of Applied Sciences are removing the FUAS integration in starting 28th December 2017. This results in changes regarding user accounts. Due to technical changes, users may need to update the connection between their learning environment (Reppu/Moodle) and account:

Instructions for the user (how to update your user account)

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