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Sandbox games are all about building a Finnish one-family house according to Finnish construction standards. The situations, rules, conflicts, conditions, behaviour and programed tasks are all genuine and reflect real construction site situations and standards as closely

We first build the foundations of the house and then in Sandbox II we continue finishing the house from the foundations to the roof. Games are developed into RealXtend which is the Finnish virtual world platform.

Sandbox games are funded by The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE). Read more:



The objective of the game is to better apprehend the construction of a house foundation for young students. The 3D environment is an ideal way to learn the building technique of a house. This a risk-free environment allowing errors. Learning from them the students have a better comprehension of construction technique and the real construction site.

Game is founded by The Finnish National Board of Education and developed by Koulutuskeskus Salpaus and LudoCraft




6  main phases

Phase 01: Clothes and drawings
Phase 02: Excavations
Phase 03: Foundation base
Phase 04: Framing the walls
Phase 05: Filling the foundation
Phase 06: Finishing up the slab-floor



The educational game Sandbox 2 is the continuation of the game Sandbox 1. We built the foundations of a house in Sandbox 1 we build the complete house in Sandbox 2. The second part comprises 11 phases you have to complete one by one. The game has been designed for one gamer or for teams of two. Game controllers/advisors can enter the game and follow gamers’ work.

Game is founded by The Finnish National Board of Education and developed by Koulutuskeskus Salpaus and AduSal

11 main phases

Phase 01: Posts and beams
Phase 02: Superstructure
Phase 03: Roof panels
Phase 04: House insulation
Phase 05: Finishing up the roof
Phase 06: Windows and doors
Phase 07: Partition walls
Phase 08: Facades
Phase 09: Smoke flue
Phase 10: Wet area waterproofing
Phase 11: Interior finishing


  • Different learning environment
  • Good practice tool for students
  • Could be used be before attending real construction site
  • Students can get better overall picture


  • "You can improve your drawing reading skills"
  • "Nice change for theoretical studies"
  • "This would be good to play in the first class. You could have some visions how to work in the real construction site next year"
  • "There is a lot of professional benefits and it's versatile"



  • Cost
  • Updates
  • Technology
  • "Graphics aren't so good"
  • "Hints could be easier"
  • "Lagging occurred"
  • "Little hard to play because assignments aren't well explained"
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