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With the Personal Study Plan (PSP) function, you can plan, schedule and monitor your studies as well as discuss about them with your tutor teacher.

To view PSP, select PSP on the top navigation bar.



On the "Overview" page, you can see the current structure and contents of your study plan. The plan is based on the curriculum of your study group (the curriculum you have a study entitlement to).

Filtering criteria

  • Study type: select the filter criterion based on whether the course is compulsory, optional or elective

  • Study status: select the filter criterion based on the status of the course 

  • Scheduling: select the filter criterion based on scheduling

Open drop-down / close drop-down contents

  • The entire study plan: Select open all / close all
  • Contents under one module: select the arrow pointing down or to the right. -> the contents of that particular study module open /close.

Information box

Click the question mark  (question) at the top right corner of the PSP to see the meanings of all the symbols used on the PSP. You can also see them by hovering over the symbol (tooltip). 

Compulsory, alternative and elective studies

Indicators that tell if the course is compulsory, optional or elective are presented in the colour box in the left corner of the course row. To find out this status, hover over the coloured box or select the information box.

• Orange: Compulsory
• Light blue: Elective
• Dark blue: Alternative

Indicators of the course's status

An icon on the left-hand side of the course name represents . To find out this status, hover over the box or select the infobox.

• Scheduled in the PSP
• Enrolment ongoing
• Enrolment pending approval
• Enrolment approved
• Enrolment rejected
• Completed
• Partially completed
• Not grared
• Failed

Viewing the contents of study modules

  • Select the study module name -> a popup window opens, which shows the contents of the module.

  • Close the popup window by selecting esc from your keyboard, click the x or Close button on the popup.

Viewing the contents of a course

  • Select the course name -> a popup window opens, which shows the contents of the course

  • Close the popup window by selecting esc from your keyboard, click the x or Close button of the popup.

Credits earned in relation to credits required

  • This ratio is visible on the right-hand side of the study module name.

Download a Transcript of Records 

You can download your current Transcript of Records from the button “Download Transcript”.


View the number of chosen studies in relation to the credits required.


  • The notice bar will show  icon when there is an ongoing enrolment to courses included in the PSP
  • Here you will see a list of your latest grades.

Send PSP for comments

This functionality belongs to the PSP acceptance process. You may ask for comments about your PSP before you send it for acceptance.

• Select Send for comments.
• Fill out the fields
• Select Send

Send PSP for approval

This functionality belongs to the PSP acceptance process. You may ask the student advisor to accept the changes you have made to your PSP.

  • Select "Send PSP for approval"

  • Fill out the fields

  • Select Send

Select PSP version

The PSP acceptance creates an archived version of the study plan, which cannot be edited. Immediately after the acceptance, a new draft version is created based on the accepted one, and the student can edit the new version. 

  • You may choose the draft version from the "Select version of PSP"

Add notes on the course or the study module

  • Select + / speech bubble icon on the course or the study module. The + icon is visible if the study does not include previous notes. The icon is a speech bubble when it includes some notes already.

  • Fill out the fields

  • Select Send -> the message is visible to the student and the student advisor (if the recipient field is empty, only the student sees the message)

Selection of studies

Click the "Selecting studies" tab.

Selecting new studies to PSP

Under construction!

This function does not yet fully work and is currently being fixed.

Click the magnifying glass icon following the study module name -> this opens the "study search" function

  • Write the study code or name to the search field to find studies -> Select Search

  • You may narrow down the search by selecting the search criteria on the left-hand side column. To narrow the search results, choose Study type, Education type, "Degree programme", Degree title, Elective or Compulsory.

  • Browse the courses and modules that appear on the list based on your search criteria.

  • If you want to know more about some course or module, select the name of the study.

  • Select the studies you want to add to your study plan by selecting Add to basket at the end of each study.

  • View the contents of the Search basket by selecting x studies selected link.

  • Empty the basket by selecting the Empty basket button.

  • Remove a single study by selecting the x in front of the study name.

  • Select the studies you want to add to your study plan by selecting "Add selected to PSP".

Comparison of courses

  • Select the "Selecting studies" tab
  • Select courses for comparison by selecting "Add to comparison".
  • A box appears on the right that includes all the courses you have selected. To compare the courses, select "Compare".
  • Close the comparison by pressing esc on your keyboard or selecting x at the top right corner of the window.

Removing courses from PSP

Alternative courses

  • Suggest removing a module by changing the green  box in the right side of the row to a red X .

  • Your tutor teacher will remove the course from PSP

Elective courses

  • You can delete an elective course by clicking the trashcan at the end of the row. If the course has been evaluated, you cannot delete it.


Check the timing of your studies from your Curriculum.

Scheduling a study

Drag the course where you want it in the timeline.

Changing the course scheduling

Drag the course where you want it in the timeline.

Removing a course from the schedule

 Drag the course back to the structure from the timeline.

View scheduled studies

View compulsory courses that haven't been scheduled

  • Select the clock symbol above the structure segment.

  • Remove the filter by selecting Show all.

View the schedule on different levels of detail

  • Select Academic years / Semesters / Periods.

Include the summer periods in the timeline

  • Select Show summer periods.

Moving on the timeline: Roll the mouse wheel to the direction you want to go or grab the scroll bar and move it to the point you want.

Own noticice about absence

You can add an absence block to the scheduling from "Add absence block". This notice does not transfer to your attendance information and it is not valid for attendance enrollments. 


This function is currently not in use.


Select the Messages tab

View your messages according to the message type by selecting "PSP tasks" / "PSP approvals" / Notes / "Agreements"
Answering to "PSP tasks"

  • Select the PSP task by selecting the subject of the message.
  • Fill out the fields.
  • Select Send.

Course enrolments

Select the Enrolments tab.

In this view, you will see all the courses you have enrolled on and the ones you could enrol on according to your study plan.

Video (English subtitles available) (1.31 min)

Enroll to courses in Peppi

Open > Course search > Study search
Search the course you want to enroll to. Copy the realization code. 
Return to Peppi > My studies > Enroll to courses. 
Paste the realization code to Search for courses –box. Enroll. 
Check from your schedule that the lectures fit your calendar. LAMK App or
If you are not doing the course, cancel the enrollment during the enrolling time or before the teacher approves enrollments.

Ongoing enrolment period

  • To search for more courses with an ongoing enrolment period, select the + icon.
  • Write a search term in the search field and press Enter or select Search.
  • Enrol on a course by selecting Enrol
  • If the implementation includes small groups, you can select your group as you enrol on the course.

All enrolments

You can find all enrolments at the bottom of the page. The icon at the beginning of the row tells the status of the enrolment

Canceling an enrolment

You can calcel an enrolment when the enrolment has not yet been approved. Cancel the enrolment by clicking "Cancel". 


Select the Group description tab

Browse the description of the group and its members (the group's student advisor may edit this information)