08NHYPE5 Clinical Practice 1 10 ECTS

Learning outcomes



BASIC   NURSING SKILLS PRACTICE, Practice 1 Students will be able to:

CRM competence in nursing practice

-  engage in professional interaction with customers and their families

-  interact with the customer as an active operator in the care, and support the role of families

-  identify specific communication-related aspects (e.g. patients with memory disorders or disabilities)

Health promotion skills and competence

Health promotion skills

-  take into account issues related to ergonomics

-  design and deliver suitable activities and stimulation for customers of different age groups

Clinical competence

-   monitor the customer's vital functions and condition

-   comply with the principles of infection prevention

-   under supervision, deliver nursing interventions

-   under supervision, deliver symptom-based and humane care for a terminally ill patient and support his or her family

-   under supervision, deliver nutritional therapy for a customer

-   under supervision, use main types of assistive equipment safely

-   under supervision, deliver safe pharmacotherapy (pharmacotherapy passport)

Decision-making competence

-   under supervision, determine the patient's need for care, and plan, implement and evaluate the care (FinCC classification)

-   under supervision, communicate verbally on matters related to the customer's care and document the care

Guidance and instructional competencies

-   under supervision, design, implement and evaluate customer-oriented good guidance in care situations

Ethical competence

-   act in accordance with the values and ethical guidelines of nursing

-   treat customers equally and fairly

-   take into account sustainability aspects in their practice

Workplace competence

-   act as a member of a workplace community

-   under supervision, utilise the competencies of different professional groups in the customer care

Innovation competence

-   use creativity in different care situations

International competence

-   under supervision, meet customers from different cultures as individuals

Learning skills

-   set concrete objectives to guide the learning process

-   take initiative and responsibility for their actions

-   receive and give feedback

-   source information on which to base their actions

-   appraise their competencies and development



Clinical practice settings

3 ECTS credits in workshop and simulations settings, 3 ECTS credits in different personal customer contact settings (e.g. an ageing customer, developmentally or physically disabled customer) and 4 ECTS credits in different social and health care settings where basic nursing skills can be practised. Suitable settings include patient and care wards of health centres and regional hospitals, nursing homes, care wards of private or public nursing homes or residential care homes, patients' homes, disabled care units.


Mode of delivery Clinical practice, a written assignment


Assessment: Pass/Fail